What is a Yarn Ball? Yarn Packaging Explained Part 3

One of the most beloved forms of yarn packaging is the yarn ball. This blog’s goal is to explain what is the yarn ball, and the reason it’s one of the more popular choices for yarn crafts.


What is a Yarn Ball?

Exactly as its name implies, a yarn ball is a spherical ball of yarn. The yarn ball is usually pulled from the outside, and on occasion from the inside as well. Making yarn art with your yarn ball might entice the cats, so watch out!


Benefits of Using Yarn Balls:

  1. Ease of use: While working on a project, managing your yarn isn’t hard at all with a yarn ball. By winding yarn around continuously, you can easily notice the amount of yarn you have to work with.
  1. Portability: Its tightly packed shape makes yarn balls easily transportable, making it perfect for yarn crafters who travel.
  1. Prevents Tangling: By spiraling the yarn correctly, you save time by preventing the entanglement of your yarn.


Disadvantages of Using Yarn Balls:

  1. Rolls Off: Whenever you’re working on a project, you risk having to get out of your comfy chair to grab the yarn ball that rolled away from you. To counter this threat, it’s recommended to invest in a yarn bowl.

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  1. Stretching: By hand winding the yarn ball too tightly, you risk stretching the fibers and negatively affecting the final product of the yarn. To avoid doing this, simply wind the yarn gently around the ball. Once done winding, the yarn ball should be soft and squishy, rather than hard and firm.


How to Make Your Yarn Balls:

Using Leftover Yarn: Wind leftover yarn into balls for your next project using leftover yarn from previous projects.

Hand-Winding Technique: Twirl the yarn around your finger a few times, then withdraw your fingers and wrap the yarn in different directions until the yarn is a ball.

Using a Yarn Ball Winder: For a process that’s more quick, consider using a yarn winder. This gadget is great for larger quantities of yarn

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The symbol of versatility and accessibility to knitting and crocheting are the yarn balls due to their practical uses.

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