Bamboo Imports Minnesota, Inc. seeks Business Operations Specialist with Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent (established through formal credential evaluation based on combined education and experience) in International Business, Economics, Marketing, or a related field; two years of experience with business operation, including specific experience procuring and distributing bamboo merchandise for import/export such as yarns, socks, scissors, or knives; market/business analysis; and online sales (multiple openings).


Job duties: Responsible for performing business operations and related activity for the bamboo and consumer market. Specific job duties include: 1) analyzing information to define operational business concerns, including the cost of product development, development of pricing strategies, compilation of products and services, and clarification of management/company objectives; 2) generating standard or custom reports summarizing business, financial, and economic data for review by executives, managers, and other stakeholders; 3) researching and evaluating overseas products and suppliers, including new product trends and key market/economic factors that impact product availability and pricing, such as exchange rates, tariffs, transportation costs, and other international business issues; 4) analyzing competitive market strategies and technology trends, including the ongoing assessment of new international and domestic market potential; 5) researching and developing methods to improve international product marketing and distribution, including marketing techniques, partnerships with new international suppliers and distributors, participation in promotional activities,  and other methods to increase sales, revenues, profitability, and overall market presence; 6) researching and analyzing alternative marketing and operation methods to ensure that business intelligence is consistent with defined operational needs; 7) creating business intelligence tools or systems to improve daily operating processes and procedures; and 8) preparing management reports that define and evaluate strategic business operations development and concern, and recommending solutions in accordance with the company’s objectives and various management, market, and other economic factors.


Please send cover letter and resume to 2050 W. 96th St., Bloomington, MN 55431.