What is a Yarn Hank? Yarn Packaging Explained Part 2

In the world of crafting, yarn comes in a variety of different forms of packaging. For several reasons, a favorite form of packaging by yarn crafters is the hank. In today's blog, we’ll explore what the hank is, its characteristics, and how to use it.


What is a Yarn Hank?

Yarn hanks are packaged yarns that have been twisted together after the spinning equipment at the mill has finished spinning. To keep the loop intact, hanks are held together by several twists of yarn.


Characteristics of a Yarn Hank:

  1. Format: Since yarn hanks can’t be directly knitted or crocheted, they are most often twisted into a ball or cake before use.
  1. Length: The length of a hank is spiraled into one big loop at about 2-3 feet across.
  1. Ease of Dyeing: For dyers, hanks are the best option because they provide better absorption of dyes making the dye vibrant and evenly distributed.


How to Use a Yarn Hank:

To prevent the yarn from getting tangled, it’s important that you undo the twisting and wind it into a ball or skein. This process involves:


  1. Using a Swift and Yarn Winder 

The yarn ball winder untwists the yarn into a convenient ball and the swift holds the hank in place.


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  1. Hand-Winding

Alternatively, you can untwist the hank and make a ball by hand, but it can be more time-consuming.



Having a thorough understanding of yarn hanks will make yarn crafts more enjoyable and productive. Ready to purchase a yarn hank of your own? Visit our yarn store BambooMN.com to enhance your crafting projects, and check out our blog for more insights to improve your yarn art.


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