What is a Yarn Cake? Yarn Packaging Explained Part 4

Each type of yarn packaging has its advantages in the diverse yarn world. The yarn cake is a favorite amongst crafters not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its practical uses. Yarn cake has its name because it is wound into a cake-like shape. Because of this, it gets difficult to resist the urge to eat it. In today's blog, we’ll define the yarn cake and explain its benefits.

Benefits of Using Yarn Cakes:

  1. Efficiency: To prevent tangling and twists, yarn cakes are designed so that you can pull the yarn from the center which increases the efficiency of your crafting.
  1. Versatility: Those who like larger projects, such as afghans or shawls, would enjoy using yarn cakes because they can be used for almost any project.
  1. Visual Appeal: Because of the way the yarn cake is shaped, it has the opportunity to display a variety of colors all at once.
  1. Stability: All yarn crafters know the struggle of the yarn ball rolling away when making yarn art. To remedy the issue, opt for a yarn cake that sits flat and stable.


How to Wind Your Yarn Cake:

Using a Yarn Winder

First, attach the yarn to the winder, and slowly wound, ensuring even distribution. Create a tightly packed cake by winding it consistently.

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Hand-Winding Method

Without specialized equipment, you could also replicate the yarn winder’s approach, but this is more time-consuming.


Yarn cakes are not just a practical choice, but are also an aesthetically pleasing and efficient choice for knitters and crocheters. Interested in finding out more about the convenience and beauty of yarn cakes? Visit our yarn store for a selection of yarn cakes, or learn more about crafting on our blogs at BambooMN.com.


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