How To Shrink Yarn

The best way to shrink yarn is to agitate in warm temperatures or tumble dry. This will help shrink the yarn and get it to the size that you need. Simply throwing them in a dryer and tumble drying is the easiest way to shrink yarn. This will not ruin the yarn as these are washer and dryer safe. This will not ruin the color of the yarn as the color will remain without fading at all. 

You can easily unshrink the yarn by stretching it out by hand by relaxing the fibers with fabric conditioner. Stretching it becomes easy as the fabric conditioner makes it looser, making it easier to stretch out. Stretch it back to it's original form or even more as it stretch's out easily. 

This technique works with almost every yarn as it's easy to stretch and loosen yarn. This can help you make looser or tighter yarn to make specific designs that would not be possible otherwise. These yarns are great for anything that you might want to make as we have the perfect yarns for any project. 


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