What is a Pen Scissor?

A pen scissors is a mixture of a pen and scissors that are combined together for convivence. Pen scissors are perfect for on the go as it is convenient for you to have both a pen and scissors on you. Great for emergencies as you never know when you will need either a pen or a scissors. 

Great for anyone into drawing or art as you can use the scissors to make crafts and the pen to sketch out your favorite designs. Great for school as it easily fits inside your pencil case and can be used for many different functions. Safe for school as well because these scissors have a rounded edge and a safety cap, to make sure that you don't get poked. 

Easily fits inside your purse or travel bag, you can bring these wherever you go. The portability aspect of these scissors are the best part as you can safety take them anywhere in case that you need them. Pen scissors are small and compact as they are made with a strong stainless steel. Pen scissors can be used for a lot of activities like crafts, fishing, hiking, gardening, and so much more. Pen scissors are great for so many things and is important to have on you just in case. 


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