Why do Kitchen Scissors Have Teeth?

Kitchen scissors have teeth to cut through tougher foods, like chicken or meat. The teeth also helps with cutting fruits and vegetables with little to no resistance. Cutting ingredients is a lot easier using kitchen scissors as they are safer and easier to use than knives. Teeth can also help with anything around the house as it makes everyday cutting easier. 


The teeth help you make clean cuts through the food without ruining the food. Kitchen scissors are the best for following a recipe by the book as they make precise cuts with ease. The jagged edge helps with clean cuts is great for cutting all different types of foods. Cutting pizza is also easier with teeth as you get clean cuts every time. 

Great for cutting ingredients into a salad as cutting fruits and herbs is easy with this multi-functional tool. Follow a cooking recipe to the book with these easy to use scissors. The teeth make the scissors stronger by adding that sharpness that you wouldn't get otherwise. They also make the scissors last longer as they have a longer shelf life with teeth. 


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