Tutorial on Cleaning and Caring For Your Chunky Knit Blankets

During the colder months of the year, the chunky knit blanket makes a soft home decor that gives people sweet snuggles. To extend its life and beauty, knowing how to wash it is important. With this step-by-step guide, you will gain the skills to maintain your chunky knit blankets in no time!


Washing methods vary according to the material

Firstly, figure out the material that was made with the yarn blanket. If the blanket was made by you, examine the care instructions on the yarn. If this is not possible, discern the material of the blanket by observation.

Wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers are some of the most common materials used in chunky knit blankets. Although all guidelines should apply to all material types, different materials may require different care methods. It's also possible to damage a blanket in a variety of ways by washing it in hot water, bleaching it, or drying it in a hot environment. If your blanket is made from loops and thread yarn, hand washing is not recommended. With all of this in mind, maintaining your favorite chunky blanket doesn’t have to be complex.


Step-by-Step Guide to Pre-Wash Care

Step 1. For washing instructions, refer to the care label.

Step 2. Gently shake your blanket to remove any dust and debris. 

Step 3. Gently use an eco-friendly stain remover on areas that need cleaning. 

Step 4. Prevent damage to the fibers by using a detergent that is environmentally friendly, mild, and compatible with the blanket’s material.


Machine Wash and Hand Washing Step-by-Step Guide


Machine Washing Your Chunky Knitted Blanket

Step 1. It is recommended to machine wash if your blanket is made of cotton, polyester, or acrylic.

Step 2. Insert the blanket in a lingerie bag 

Step 3. Set it in the washing machine.

Step 4. Add the detergent to the machine and turn it on. 

Step 5. Select either permanent-press or delicate cycle with cool water.

Step 6. For 24 hours air dry the blanket and lay it flat on a clean surface


Hand Washing Your Chunky Knit Blanket

Step 1. It is recommended to hand wash if your blanket is made from higher-quality yarns.

Step 2. Fill your large basin or bathtub with cold water. 

Step 3. Add a small portion of detergent

Step 4. Set the blanket in the water and mix it gently to create suds within the fibers,

Step 5. Let the blanket soak for 15 minutes

Step 6. Drain the water and refill it. 

Step 7. Mix the blanket gently in the clear water to remove the suds. 

Step 8. Squeeze the blanket to remove excess water and suds (Do not wring the blanket).

Step 9. Repeat Step 5 until all of the suds are removed.

Step 10. On the floor place a towel for the blanket to lay on.

Step 11. Set the blanket on the towels.

Step 12. Without wringing the blanket, squeeze to remove more water.

Step 13. Let blanket dry for 24 hours


Additional Tips for Blanket Care:

Tip 1: If possible, air the blanket outside regularly to naturally refresh and sanitize wool and other natural fibers.

Tip 2: For yarn storage, place the blanket somewhere that is cool and dry when not in use. In the case that you do decide to pack it in the bag, you should use cotton bags rather than plastic ones to allow the material to breathe.

Tip 3: It is only recommended to clean once every three months. Washing more frequently can lead to harming the longevity of a wool blanket. Nevertheless, you may need to clean, so use the methods above if necessary.

Tip 4: Dry cleaning the chunky knit blanket is recommended and will increase lifespan.



You see, washing a chunky knitted blanket isn’t so difficult after all. Ensuring the right method for washing the material of the blanket will make this whole process as easy as ABC. With the right maintenance, your chunky knit blanket will remain an admirable part of the decor of your home for years to come.

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