The Best Sock Yarn Weights: What You Need to Know

What is Sock Weight?

Sock yarn is versatile, and can be used to make hats, cowls, lacy shawls, toys, and even a yarn blanket. The yarn material used in sock yarn is very thin, and 4ply is the name the sock yarn is sold under. Coming in either 100g or 50g, it is usually sold in skeins or balls. It is wise to confirm the length of the measurements because it ensures accurate yarn weights. For example, 100g of sock yarn should come in as 400m.


Sock Yarn Guide:

This guide will provide insights into choosing the right weight for your project and include environmentally friendly options. Whether you're a beginner or heavily experienced, choosing the correct yarn weight is very important. 


1. Super Fine:

Superfine weight yarn is ideal for detailed stitch work due to its fine texture. This yarn is perfect for creating socks that are snug and beautiful. Often named “sock yarn” or "fingering weight”, the lightweight material is not only versatile but great for a variety of knitting and crochet projects. With its delicate and intricate nature, this type of yarn is great for socks and lacy shawls.

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2. Fine Yarn:

Fine yarn provides additional warmth and is thicker than super fine-weight yarn. It’s great for warm cozy socks, shawls, and gloves for the winter months. Without compromising intricate designs, this yarn is for those who prefer a little extra bulk.

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grey yarn with knitting needle

3. Light Worsted:

Light Worsted, known as "light weight yarn", is extremely versatile and easy to use. This yarn is perfect for cozy sweaters, cardigans, shawls, and even lightweight tops due to being more thick compared to the other yarns.

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4. Eco-Friendly Yarn Options:

Align yarn crafts with eco-friendly practices by selecting cotton or bamboo. These types of yarn are not only high quality, but durable.


- Organic Cotton: Grown without harmful pesticides, organic cotton is soft and gentle on the environment. The cons of using organic cotton are that it holds onto moisture longer, and you are more likely to have cold or wet material on the body. If you craft a sock, the sock may droop or stretch over time due to less memory. Despite its drawbacks, organic cotton yarn is great for making hats, towels, stuffed toys sweaters, and more.

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a knitted hat next to the yarn that was used to knit it

- Bamboo: Bamboo yarn is an excellent choice due to being both silky and sustainable. It is also known for its natural antibacterial properties and rapid growth. This yarn is great for making shawls, scarves, lightweight tops, sweaters, and accessories.

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The key to successful knitting projects is selecting the right sock yarn. With options that are cozy-thick, ultra-fine, and sustainable you can choose the yarn that is most suitable for your knitting project by exploring our yarn store today at!


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