Wine Glass Toppers for Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

The last thing you want on the best day of your life is a fruit fly in your wine glass. Thankfully, these dual-purpose wine toppers have become a viral sensation. A perfect little appetizer plate that fits on top of your glass and protects it from bugs or debris. Give your guests, your friends, and yourself a seamless sipping experience for your wedding day, barbeques, nights by the fire, or wine tastings.

You can enjoy charcuterie, appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, and desserts in peace while keeping insects, pollen, leaves, or other pests from contaminating your drink. Enjoy your drink and bring your cheese, fruit, nuts, veggies and dip, or desserts with you.

Our toppers feature raised edges, so your treats don’t fall off while you mingle. Preserve the flavor of your wine with this lid while you enjoy snacks during happy hour, cocktail hour, parties, and evening nightcaps on the deck. You can use this drink cover for other types of glasses as well as a stopper to prevent spilling.

At wine tastings you can use the topper to carry your pallet cleansers between each wine you try. Bread, fruit, celery, and mild crackers or cheese are great choices.

Our wine glass toppers are made from premium bamboo. A natural resource with a decorative, natural bamboo finish. These little plates are sturdy, lightweight, and made with zero chemicals or dyes. Bamboo is an amazing, fast-growing, eco-friendly alternative to other kinds of wood.

Our toppers come in square or round sets. Elevate your reception as wedding season approaches with these unique, fun, convenient wine glass toppers!


BambooMN Wine Glass Toppers

Be sure to measure the rim diameter of your wine glasses before purchase because this can vary greatly.

Don’t forget to clean them after use by rinsing them with soap and warm water. Make sure they’re completely dry before you put them away. They stack nicely so you can organize them easily in a drawer or on a shelf.



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