No Knit Yarn Projects for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Cootie Bug

What you need:

-yarn, I used 25 gram mini balls, which worked perfect!
-pipe cleaner
-googly eyes
-colored construction paper or felt paper
-hot glue gun
Begin making a pom pom by wrapping the yarn around your index and middle fingers. Do so at least 60 times. The more times you wrap, the more poof your cootie will have. Use 3 fingers if you want to create a larger bug.
Once you have your desired amount of yarn around your fingers, cut the yarn off the skein, leaving about 6" of extra yarn hanging off. Slide the yarn from your fingers carefully. Tightly tie the excess yarn around the middle of the loop.
Take a scissors to cut the individual loops created on either side of the knot. Your pom pom is now complete! Shape it down as desired, to make it more circular, by trimming the strings. 
Using the construction paper (or felt), cut out a heart that is about the size of the cootie, or smaller. Use a hot glue gun to attach the heart to the pom pom, to create its feet. 
Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Fold each half in half again, then twist the ends together a couple of times. Bend in the top part of the pipe cleaner to form it into a heart shape. Put glue on the bottom of the pipe cleaners and stick them both to the top of the pom pom. On the side where the feet are sticking out, put two dots of glue from a hot glue gun onto the pom pom then stick on the googly eyes. Voila! Your cootie bug is complete and ready to spread some love on Valentine's Day!

Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Heart

What you need:

-yarn, I used 25 gram mini balls, which worked perfect!
-hot glue gun (can substitute with tape)
Take any standard piece of cardboard and draw a heart on it. Use a cookie cutter or print-out of a heart for aid, if needed. About 4" tall and 4" wide is the dimensions of the one I made.

Cut the heart out of the cardboard. This is probably the hardest part of the whole. Any good pair of scissors works just fine. I used an X-Acto knife for the first batch of hearts I made, and used a scissor for the second batch, and found that the X-Acto worked slightly better.

Use either a piece of tape or a hot glue gun to hold the yarn in place on the cardboard.

Start wrapping the yarn around the cardboard at random. Continue to do so until you have a nice and plump heart. Use hot glue gun to secure the end of the yarn on the heart.

Add a some more yarn or thread to make a loop for hanging the heart, if you want to turn it into an ornament.

Buy mini balls of yarn here.

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