How to Find The Ends of a Skein of Yarn?

You don't want your yarn tangled, and you don't want to stress yourself out when opening your newly packaged yarn. It can be hard to find the ends of yarn when you're so eager to get creating. 

Did you know there are two easy methods to find the ends of a skein of yarn? The methods I will share with you are common and basic yarn fundamentals you will need to know.

It might seem hard or complex for beginners, but fear not, I've constructed the methods in simple steps. I guarantee you will get the hang of it within time.

How to Find The Ends of Yarn?

1. Firstly, with the new yarn, you will want to identify whether it's a ball or a skein. They can be wound differently, but you can typically use the same methods on either.
2. When dealing with a skein, you will want to find the outside end first. It's usually tucked in, or behind the label. 
3. The other end is usually rolled up in the middle of the skein. Insert your thumb and index finger into the center of the skein.
4. Feel for the center, once found pull the skein out.
5. You will pull out extra yarn, but that's okay.
6. Take the center skein and wrap it around the skein.
7. You have now found both ends of a skein of yarn.


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