Can You Use Yarn For Macramé?

Macramé is an artistic crafting method, similar to yarn and sewing. Macramé is the practice of using knots to create artistic pieces. These methods have been around since the 13th century. You can make all types of macramé items such as handbags, wall decorations, things like curtains, and even pillow covers.

All of it is done by hand, and you'll end up with a very modern and distinctive look. For an item to be considered macramé, it needs to have at least one macramé knot.

Yet you may be curious to as what material you can use for macramé.

What Material Can I Use?

You can typically use any sort of yarn cord, or cotton cord to make macramé. Yet there's a specific type of cord just for macramé. It's called a macramé cord. There are various types of macramé cords.

Macramé cords are  

Choosing a type of macramé cord all comes down to what you want your finished product to look and feel like. 

The Types of Macramé Cord

There are 3 main types of cord you can buy:

  • Braided/Cotton Cord
  • 3-Ply Rope
  • Single Twist String

You can dive deeper into all the types, yet these are the most common. Each has its own attributes, feel, and look.

Braided/Cotton Cord: A highly durable and strong wound cord. It may be possibly hard to unravel knots, as it's very tough. This type of cord is perfect for making plant hangers, bags, curtains, or placemats.


3-Ply Rope: 3 strands twisted together, macramé rope is a bit stiffer than string. An excellent choice for beginners as it's easy to handle, and easy to unravel and redo knots. 


Single Twist String: Soft and flexible, the single twist string is perfect for adding texture to your creations. Can unravel very easily so you may need to apply pressure. May not be beginner friendly. Typically used for smaller projects.


Altogether these common macramé types are of use to anyone. I recommended starting out with the 3-ply rope as it's beginner friendly.

You're one step closer to your macramé journey!



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