What is 4 Ply Yarn?

4-Ply yarn, alternatively 4-ply wool, are both terms you might come across in the yarn world. 4 Ply is a category of yarn that you may not be familiar with, but it's easy to stumble upon.

Beginners may be confused, but I'm here to help.

4-Ply yarn is made from pre-spun strands. 4 strands are spun and pulled together to make one big strand. This process makes 4-ply a very strong yarn type.


4-Ply Characteristics:

  • Very Strong
  • Versatile
  • Washable
  • Wide range of colors and styles


4-Ply is a great yarn, and it has positives across the board. 4-Ply yarn can be made from wool to other natural fibers such as alpaca, sheep, or even synthetic materials like polymer.

The thing about 4-ply is that it doesn't determine the thickness of the yarn. It simply states that 4 strands were woven together to make that yarn.


4-Ply yarn can be very thick or very thin.


The best way to determine thickness is with a yarn size chart. 


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