Top 7 Tools You Need for Your Next Yarn Art: Tools such as Yarn Bowl, Yarn Storage, and Yarn Needle

Crafters from all levels of experience will benefit from having the right tools for a variety of reasons. By selecting the essential tools, you will ensure your yarn art is not only of the highest quality but also efficiently constructed. In this blog, we’ll display the top 10 most important yarn tools and highlight environmentally friendly options.


The Essential List of Yarn Tools:

1. Yarn

  • The first step is selecting your yarn and making sure it is the most suitable. Selecting the correct yarn is critical, you don’t want to ruin your hand-knitted mittens due to making the wrong choice. Having completed step one, you can now determine what tools you'll need for the yarn.
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2. Yarn Needles and Yarn Crochet Hooks:


  • Needles have an important role in the knitting process, and choosing the right one is vital. It is recommended to use a wooden needle if working with slippery yarn. For lace projects and socks, you would want to work with a needle with a tip that is sharp and pointy. It’s wise to research the knitting supplies you will need for your project before purchasing a knitting tool kit.
  • For hooks and needles that are environmentally friendly select ones made from materials of bamboo, recycled plastic, or wood. They are not only comfortable to use, but also lightweight. Yarn Crochet hooks make it easy to fix dropped stitches, pick up stitches, and seam together a sweater.  
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3. Stitch Markers:

  • Stitch Makers are an essential tool to have in your toolkit due to it’s usefulness. Stitch Markers are handy for keeping track of pattern repeats, increases, or decreases. Place a stitch marker between each repeat on the needles to keep track of your progress.
  • If you want to go eco-friendly, opt for a stitch maker made from natural materials, or consider making your own from paper clips and yarn.
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4. Yarn Bowls:

  • Yarn bowls are useful for a variety of reasons. When you are knitting, it can be frustrating to retrieve the yarn ball whenever it rolls away. Additionally, as you work you don’t want to worry about your yarn ball being unstable, tangled, or attracting your kittens during your work. With a yarn bowl, give your threads a place to rest while working.
  • For environmentally friendly options select bowls made from recycled materials or sustainable woods.
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5. Measuring Tape:

  • You need a flexible measuring tape for a variety of reasons. Reasons could include checking the dimensions of your project, making precise measurements, and increasing the accuracy of your work.
  • If available in the market select recyclable or biodegradable measuring tapes. 
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6. Scissors:

  • For any serious crafter, a pair of good sharp scissors are essential. Consider getting twin-bladed scissors. A pair of good scissors will enable you to cut all kinds of thread. Blunt scissors will only leave you frustrated by not cutting threads properly and getting threads split ends.
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7. Yarn Storage Solutions:

  • Investing in proper yarn storage is crucial to keep your yarn organized, clean, and protected. To make it easier to find your yarn for each project, sort the yarn by weight, color, or material type. Giving each yarn storage a name will also help you to stay organized and increase efficiency.
  • To promote an eco-friendly environment, consider using a basket made from bamboo or wicker. Using bins, boxes, and fabric bags that are already around the house can also help reduce waste. Alternatively, purchase a yarn storage that is made from sustainable materials.
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With this blog, we hope to equip you with the right yarn tools that will set you up for your project's success while supporting your commitment to sustainability. By selecting environmentally friendly tools, you help craft a healthier Earth while creating your favorite yarn crafts. The important thing to remember is to invest in quality over quantity. If you don’t invest in quality, you will buy the same product twice. Are you ready to upgrade your crafting toolkit with sustainable options? Check out our selection of eco-friendly yarn tools in our online store and get creative in a greener way.


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