How to Wash Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are made of some of the softest, comfiest, luxurious material available. The fact that bamboo is so sustainable also makes these towels sought after to aid the environment. Inherent anti-odor and anti-microbial properties make these towels even more desirable! Using this these instructions can help assure your towels stay soft and dry for years to come.

The first step to keeping your new bamboo towels nice and soft is to wash them in hot water on their own. This helps prime them for use and is typically suggested for most towels once received.

Due to the nature of bamboo towels, there are some rules for washing and how to maintain your towels.

Take care to wash bamboo towels on a lighter, gentle cycle with warm water. This is because high temperatures can cause the towels to shrink. Mild detergent is recommended.

Avoid using bleach or fabric softener or you’ll risk damaging the towels.

What you can do to help promote softness is wash with a cup of white vinegar about once a month (this may require an extra rinse cycle to get the vinegar smell out). Don’t forget to try and wash your towels with like colors.

Once washed, it’s best to air dry your bamboo towels, either on a drying rack, outside on a clothesline, or flat, out in the sun. If you want more immediate results, you can use a dryer, however; be sure to dry on a low heat setting.

*Don’t forget to remove them from the dryer quickly to avoid over-drying or they could become stiff*

Bleach, dyes, hydrogen peroxide, and some toothpastes might cause bamboo towels to become stained so keep that in mind.

Trim any loose threads to keep the towel from unraveling and be sure to store your bamboo towels in a dry, cool spot (not the bathroom, the steam might damage the fibers over a period of time).

If you use an iron, be careful and use a low heat setting.

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