How to Properly Pull Yarn from a Skein

All crafters know that a knitting/crocheting session can be ruined by how you pull yarn from a skein. Frustration can increase by tangles and knots rising and slowing down projects. Yarn crafters from all skill levels need to understand how to properly pull a yarn skein. In today's blog, I will show you how to do this, and help you maintain a workflow that is seamless, enjoyable, and more productive.


Understanding Yarn Skeins:

Before I show you how to pull yarn, first let me show you yarn in a couple of different forms:

Pull Skeins: This kind of skein offers a method that is convenient and tangle-free by pulling from the center.

Twisted Hanks: This kind of yarn packaging needs to be wound into a ball because it is not pullable in its purchased form.


Steps to Pull Yarn from a Pull Skein:

  1. Locate the ends of the yarn. The end you will work from is tucked inside, and the other end that will be used to finish the project will be on the outside.
  2. To find the center pull, gently insert your fingers into each end of the skein. It may take a little bit of feeling around to find the loose end, but it’s normally in the middle.
  3. Slowly pull the center thread
  4. If you see any yarn tangled, simply lay it down and gently untangle it.


Tips for Handling Twisted Hanks:

  1. The first step to pulling a yarn hank is using a yarn swift and winder to make a ball because this prevents tangling and makes yarn easier to work with.
  2. Clean your workspace to make space as you wind the yarn so knots can be avoided.


Additional Tips for Efficient Yarn Handling:

  1. Finding the right end of the yarn will save a lot of time and frustration
  2. To prevent the yarn from getting dirty, keep the yarn in a bag or container. To learn more about yarn storage Click Here



For any crafter pulling yarn is a simple, yet crucial skill for all crafters. After reading this blog and applying what you’ve learned, you will have the ability to craft yarn that’s knot-free and easy to work with. For more tips and tricks on yarn crafting check out our blogs at


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