Photo of titanium scissors on craft table

Our titanium coated scissors are tough, effective, and lightweight - which makes them great for people with arthritis. They're perfect for cutting fabrics and all other crafting as well. The soft grip design is ergonomic and comfortable for beginners and professionals alike.

Scissors with titanium blades and soft grip handles

Typically, shears are used for cutting fabric, which are basically a longer, sharper version of scissors.

Titanium scissor measurements

Titanium is inherently rust resistant and extremely tough so they will give you years of use and stay sharp longer. The rainbow finish on the blades also looks stunning.

Titanium scissor blades rainbow coloring

You can find many options for fabric scissors at great prices here, including various sizes for different jobs. Use them for quilting, costume-making, tailoring, cosplays, sewing, and much more! Purchase multiple sets as a gift for the crafty people in your life.


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