Are Charcoal Odor Absorbers Toxic?

The short answer? “No!”

Our activated bamboo charcoal absorbers are non-toxic and the best at trapping and eliminating bad smells at the source, as well as purifying the air of pollutants.

Bamboo is heated to create charcoal and then activated by steam. No chemicals are used in the activation of the final product. 

Many cultures around the world use charcoal as a medicine, so you can be confident in using it around kids or pets, and on any surface.

It’s amazing how effective bamboo charcoal can be around the house, at work, in your gym locker, in a drawer, in the bathroom, around pets, in the car, etc… and on top of that, it’s environmentally sustainable, as well as rechargeable in sunlight!

To recharge, simply place the bag outside in the sun for about an hour on each side, once per month, and the bag will be ready to absorb again. The outside temperature doesn't matter, as long as the bag gets direct sunlight.

Bamboo charcoal has many pores that allow it to absorb smells, purify the air, and detoxify surfaces. These pores also allow the charcoal to absorb excess moisture too.

Natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties are also useful in activated charcoal products.

By harvesting the Moso variety of bamboo, we avoid bamboo species used by the Giant Panda for its habitat and food source so there is no need to worry when it comes to sustainability.

It also only takes five years for the bamboo to mature enough to be cut; some species of bamboo grow almost three feet per day!

You can shop our selection of activated bamboo charcoal bags, and charcoal drawer liners with the link below:


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