Are Bamboo Socks Good for Sweaty Feet?

Bamboo socks are known for their moisture wicking ability. Whether for exercising, working, formal events, or simple day to day use, bamboo socks are the perfect companion to keep your feet dry and odor free.

Bamboo is an abundant, sustainable resource, and also luxuriously soft and comfortable to wear.

Temperature regulating qualities help keep your feet dry and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Other materials used for socks are either completely unsustainable or don’t offer the same perks as bamboo.

Our socks are typically made from 85% rayon from bamboo, 10% polyester, and 5% elastane. Composition varies for different styles of sock, but we include the composition in each listing. The combination of these fibers help make a breathable sock that fits perfectly.

Bamboo socks won’t rub and won’t cause itchiness like wool either. They’re great for sensitive skin because they don’t chafe or irritate. They’re even hypoallergenic!

There is some evidence that bamboo clothing can help reduce the amount of bacteria grown when moisture is present.

Bacteria is what causes bad odors such as smelly feet. The moisture wicking nature of bamboo fibers helps prevent the creation of that warm, moist environment on our feet that bacteria love so much.  

These socks are great for helping treat and prevent fungal infections like athlete’s foot and can aid in reducing symptoms too!

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