6 Creative Ways to Use Custom Bamboo Paddle Picks
A simple way to impress all your guests, whether you are throwing a party or running a restaurant, is to add small elements of customization. If you're looking for easy ways to enhance the presentation of food or drinks at your restaurant or event, consider these tips for custom bamboo paddle picks.

1. Wow your guests by incorporating your organization, restaurant, or event name or logo into their meal.

When you spend countless hours planning an event, you want guests to notice how much time and effort went into it. Putting your logo on picks is an unobtrusive yet effective way to put your organization into the forefront of guests' minds and drive your message home. Showing that you are detailed down to the smallest part of a guest's experience is a wonderful accent on top of an already great experience.

2. Increase efficiency and customer trust with functional picks.

We offer several functional printed paddle picks. Make it clear to each customer that their meat is cooked to perfection with our Doneness Marking Paddle Picks. Distinguish different types of meat by printing the labels on picks, or make it clear which dishes are safe for different customer needs by using Vegan or Vegetarian marked picks. Guests will be thankful for your detail and clear communication when you mark or display foods with AllergyGluten FreeWild Caught, and Organic Marking Picks. This method will even help your kitchen run more smoothly by adding uncomplicated organization. 

3. Personalize your signature dishes.

Keep customers coming back to your signature dishes by driving home your pride for the meal by serving it with a customized pick. Designate a sleek symbol or catchy word or phrase to represent the dish, and when it's served the whole table will be intrigued. Use a flame symbol for your spiciest item, a print the name of your signature burger. You can even encourage or reward guests for returning to your restaurant and trying the whole menu if they can collect the picks from all your signature dishes.

4. Add excitement to a kabob, burger, wrap, or appetizer.

When you use picks to keep burgers and wraps together customers will be thankful, and they will be even more impressed if the picks are decorated. Customize these for your restaurant, the dish, or just with a cute or sleek symbol that draws a customers' attention. These little touches help set your restaurant or event apart from the rest and get everyone talking about their experience.

5. Garnish drinks or cocktails with added flair.

Every customer will be impressed if the cocktails they order have an exceptional presentation. Add extra flair and personalization to your already enticing drink designs with minimal effort by using a customized bamboo skewer to hold olives or other cocktail accents. We have picks available ranging from as small as 2.75 inches long, so they will fit perfectly with your drinks.

6. Make your guests feel special by customizing the presentation of their meal.

With several different types of customized picks, keep guests intrigued with their meal presentation by varying the picks used for at able. One guest will comment on the skewer they received, leading to an enjoyable conversation about the presentation of their meals and who got which skewers. For events, you can use different picks for each table to add an interesting element to the seating chart, increase socialization at the tables, and help drive home the theme of the event.

These are just a couple ideas, but there are an abundance of ways to use these versatile utensils. It's easy to use picks to come up with creative, customized presentation solutions. Order customized picks from BambooMN today and begin to enhance your restaurant or event!


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