Welded Steel Basket Hilt Handguard for SCA Swords, Ring Pattern

BambooMNSKU: mcsh-01

Package Quantity: 1 Piece
Sale price$14.25


  • This welded steel basket hilt style hand guard provides plenty of protection for your fingers when you use this hilt for reenactment purposes. The rustic design will fit right in for any DIY projects such as for SCA reenactments.
  • A welded steel basket hilt style hand guard for rattan swords (guard only, no rattan)
  • This style is slightly asymmetric to provide more protection for right handed fighters, but can be used by lefties as well
  • Galvanized welded steel construction
  • Top hole accepts rattan up to just a hair under 1 3/4"
  • Bottom hole is sized 1 1/4" so rattan stave can be tapered and pounded in for a snug fit

Usage Tips: You'll notice that the bottom ring of the hilt is smaller than the top ring. We recommend that you use a file to taper the base of the rattan or bamboo pole you are using, and then pound it into the bottom ring for a tight fit. Thin strips of wood can be used to shim the gap between the pole and the top ring as well. Or you can pre-drill three holes evenly spaced around the pole and just below the top ring once the pole has been fit to the bottom ring. Drive a short screw into each of the holes leaving enough of each screw exposed to prevent the hilt from sliding down.

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