Low Profile Staff or Sword Neoprene Thrusting Tip

BambooMNSKU: mcsn-008-003-p

Style: 0.75" x 1.5" Pointed Tip
Package Quantity: 3 Pieces
Sale price$13.75


These neoprene thrusting tips will come in handy to create a perfectly safe staff or sword for SCA reenactments, or to adjust a sword for practice purposes.
  • Choose either a cylinder-shaped tip with flat ends and a circular base, or a tip with a pointed end and a square base.
  • Cylinder sizes: approx 2" tall x 2" diameter circle base or approx 1.25"" tall x 1.25"" diameter circle base
  • Pointed tip sizes: approx 1.75"" tall x 2"" square base or approx .75"" tall x 1.5"" square base
  • These tips are legal for one handed weapons through the SCA Marshal Handbook, Section VII.B.5

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