Mini Pen-Style and Push Portable Safety Scissors Set

BambooMNSKU: csmp-001-a

Color: Garden Kitty Pen & Pink Push
Sale price$7.95


  • CONTENTS Each set comes with a combination of mini pen-style and push scissors
  • SIZE Length is 4.5 inches (11.3 cm) long when closed
  • MULTIPURPOSE These scissors are perfect for any type of use, be it office, sewing, embroidery, paper, cardboard, outdoors, classroom, kitchen, hair, gardening, first aid, thread, and many other crafts
  • COMPOSITION Durable stainless steel and a hard plastic casing make these scissors tough. Oil regularly to ensure lifetime use. Blades are rounded at the end for the safety of the user. Great for kids in a classroom setting. Both the kitty pen and the push scissor can be closed, an important safety feature to consider with sharp objects
  • COMPACT The size of these scissors make them extremely convenient while on the go. Perfect for anyone into crafting or someone putting together a first aid kit. The lightweight design makes these scissors easy to take with you and store when not in use

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