4.5" Triangular Prism Plastic Cocktail Picks

BambooMNSKU: dppr-300-047-01

Color: Clear
Package Quantity: 300pcs
Sale price$11.95


Triangular Prism Plastic Picks - 4.5 Inch

Skewers are a great décor addition to any party or event. These Plastic Prism Picks add a fun flair to cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and baked goods.

  • TRIANGULAR PLASTIC PRISM PICKS - Available in a variety of colors and three different package quantities
  • DURABLE AND STONG GARNISH STICKS - The sharp points make for easy piercing. Perfect for garnishing drinks or for serving appetizers
  • ADD STYLE TO YOUR DRINKS AND FOODS - Great for stirring martinis and cocktails or making your food more festive. Decorative pick skewers are a great decor addition to any party, event, bar, or restaurant. Not to mention they also make a great alternative to toothpicks.
  • CONVENIENT AND SANITARY - Washable and reusable or dispose of as you desire.
  • SAFE - Made from food-grade plastic and completely safe for use with drinks and food. Designed for cold or room temperature food only. Not designed to be heated in the microwave, oven, or other appliances. Keep away from heat.


These triangular plastic prism picks are a great highlight for your event's food or beverage. They gradually taper to a point, making it easy to pierce food, but also give the other end enough to look at.


These plastic food/cocktail picks are perfect for any function. Whether you are catering a corporate event, using them at a buffet, or just using them at a house party. These pair perfectly with meat, cheese, and fruit platters and also come in handy for mini desserts, appetizers, and other small-sized culinary treats.


Plastic Prism Picks can be used to dress up desserts, drinks, burgers, sandwiches, or sliders giving them a more refined look. They are also very practical by helping hold foods together. They are also great as cupcake toppers, cake decorations, and much more.


Great for garnishing drinks or serving appetizers. Washable and reusable or disposable as you desire. Make your food festive

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