Workhorse Bertha Shears

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BambooMNSKU: csse-001-02

Color: Orange and White
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  • BEST SCISSORS ON THE MARKET This cutting tool is unlike any other. 100,000x stronger than standard household shears (yes, you read that right). Designed for every job in any room. Easily cuts through all sorts of materials, even 32 layers of fabric at a time! Effortlessly shears through any food prep tasks
  • STRONGER THAN EVER Quite literally the strongest pair of scissors possible. Crafted with German stainless steel, from a strict heating and fine grinding process, these have a very high hardness level, making them extremely sharp. With a significantly strong abrasion resistance, plus corrossion and rust resistance, these are also the most durable shears imaginable
  • CUT WITH EASE The non-slip, contoured handles allows for a comfortable grip, which helps to provide complete control, even while wet. Made with a rubber material, ensuring these are lightweight, to reduce fatigue. Adjustable precision screw aids in changing the resistance of the blades, so it has a precise slice every time
  • WORKHORSE FOR EVERYONE These have a total length of 7.75" (19.69cm), with a blade length of 4" (10.16cm), and a handle that is 3.75" (9.53cm) by 4" (10.16cm) wide. Not only are the handles wide enough to fit most hands, they are ergonomically designed to be ambidextrous. Both left handed and right handed people can operate comfortably
  • ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING Add to your list of most necessary utility supplies. Professionals agree; at home, in the kitchen, at the office, or working in the garden, these Workhorse Bertha Shears are capable to simplifying any project. Great for craft tasks, such as sewing, tailoring, dressmaking, and embroidery, on materials such as fabric, leather, canvas, uphostery, denim, rope, plastic, and paper. Perfect scissors for food preparation while cooking, also. Functions as a salad and herb cutter, but can sever the toughest vegetables, fruits, meats, and seafood. Will even cut through thick bone, butterfly chicken and other poultry, or slice through a pizza

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