15pc Bamboo Crochet Hooks Set

BambooMNSKU: knch-015-060-crb

Sale price$12.95


These crochet hooks are easy to use with a rounded groove and a bamboo shaft to make it easy to crochet. The high quality of these hooks will impress you as you will split less yarn and be able to use this every day without worry of it breaking. Be confident in your crochet hooks as we have some of the best crochet hooks on the market. Be confident that you have the best crocheting hooks that you can buy with our state-of-the-art hooks.

  • CONTENTS Comes with a set of 15 total crochet hooks
  • HOOK SIZES US-C/2 (3mm), US-D/3 (3.25mm), US-E/4 (3.5mm), US-F/5 (3.75mm), US-G/6 (4mm), US-G/7 (4.5mm), US-H/8 (5mm), US-I/9 (5.5mm), US-J/10 (6mm), US-K/10.25 (6.5mm), US-K10.5 (7mm), US L/11 (8mm), US-M/13 (9mm), US-N/15 (10mm), US-O/16 (12mm)
  • COLOR Carbonized brown finish
  • LENGTH Each hook is 6 inches (15.24cm) long
  • COMPOSITION 100% bamboo

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