Steel Crochet Hooks w/ Bamboo Handle - 2 Piece Sets

BambooMNSKU: knchh-002-100-crb

Size: 1mm
Color: Carbonized Finish
Sale price$5.99


These crochet hooks are made of smooth metal that won't snag or catch on even the fuzziest yarn. The metal hooks are surrounded by a high quality bamboo that adds bulk to the hooks and makes them easier to hold and use, reducing soreness when crocheting over a long period. Whether you're a beginner or have been crocheting for years, these hooks are essential in any crochet kit.

  • CONTENTS Set of 2 crochet hooks
  • DIMENSIONS 1mm (US 11), 1.25mm (US 10), 1.5mm (US 8), 1.75mm(US 6), 2.0mm(US B/1), 2.25mm(US B/1), 2.5mm(US C/2), 3mm (US D/3), 3.5mm (US E/4), 4mm (US G/6), 5mm (US H/8), 6mm (US J/9)
  • COMPOSITION 100% bamboo handle with steel shaft and head
  • FEATURES A sustainable crochet hook set made with bamboo handles. Metal hooks help reduce snags. Lightweight, but sturdy hooks, with sizes conveniently labelled on each handle
  • USES Create and design your own blankets, scarves, rugs, sweaters, shawls, coasters, granny squares, hats, amigurumi, bags, hanging baskets, and much more

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