Disposable Bamboo Nail Art Manicure Pedicure Sticks Cuticle Pushers Remover Tool, 2 Sizes

BambooMNSKU: mani-100-042

Size: 4.2"
Package Quantity: 100 Pieces
Sale price$5.88


  • BAMBOO MANICURE STICKS Pointed bamboo cuticle pusher remover sticks for manicure or pedicure
  • FIT NICELY IN YOUR HAND Comes in 2 sizes
    • Approx 11cm (4.25 Inches) long with 4mm Diameter
    • Approx 15cm (5.9 Inches) long with 5mm Diameter
  • FLAT END AND POINTED END Each manicure stick has a flat end for pushing cuticles back and a pointed end for cleaning under the nails
  • RESISTANT TO CRACKING These manicure sticks are made from high quality bamboo so they're more resistant to cracking, splitting and splintering unlike the wooden sticks. Hygienic and disposable after each use
  • HOME OR SALON USAGE Perfect for home or salon usage. Easy and on the go whenever you need one.

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