BambooMN Lap Storage Desks

BambooMNSKU: slrl-001-s-07

Color: Black
Sale price$23.99


  • CONTENTS 1 Black, White, Grey, or Red Lap Storage Desk
  • DIMENSIONS Length is 14.56" (36.9cm), Width is 10.62" (26.9cm), and Height is 2.3" (5.8 cm)
  • COMPOSITION The basket is made from strong fabric and the lid is made from 100% bamboo
  • FEATURES These storage desks come with strong elastic straps, a magnetic lid and frame, and also a carrying handle for easy carrying on the go. You get a lot of storage space with these large storage desks as these have a 6qt capacity to store whatever you need. Many different laptops or tablets will fit in here as these can hold up to a 14" laptop/tablet for protection, portability, and traveling. These also provide a soft cushion on the bottom bed, which is important for keeping your computer protected and safe
  • USES Our storage desks are made for for laptops, books, accessories, art supplies, and anything else that you may need to hold or store. A useful storage carrying case or an on the go table as these are solid and easy to transport. These are also good for breakfast or meal time as these provide a great, sturdy tray for eating. Helpful for arts and crafts as well as these can be used for for drawing, reading, or any other crafts that you do. Use these for relaxing on the couch as these provide a helpful table for food and snacks

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