Jumbo Bamboo Crochet Hook - 3 Piece Set

BambooMNSKU: knch-003-a

Sale price$14.95


Work with jumbo yarns easier, or create lacy designs with smaller yarn, using this crochet hook. More stitches per inch means more unique patterns. Bamboo is a wonderful composition hook to work with because yarn is less prone to sliding off. It is also all-around more comfortable for your hands to use.

  • CONTENTS Three piece hook set
  • DIMENSIONS 8" (20.32cm) in length, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm crochet hooks
  • COMPOSITION Made with all-natural bamboo wood
  • FEATURES Yarn safe hooks with a smooth finish that won't snag or cause breakage. These lightweight, ergonomic grip hooks are easy to use and durable
  • USES For thick yarn weights to crochet large blankets, clothing, bags, decorations, amigurumi, scarves, jumpers, cardigans, rugs

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