Flat Sticks Natural Green Bamboo Skewers

BambooMNSKU: dpfs-100-059

Length: 5.9"
Package Quantity: 100 Pieces
Sale price$4.99


  • SIZE AND AMOUNT: Available in sizes ranging from 5.9" inches to 11.8" inches long. Width and thickness are approximately 0.219" x 0.125" (5.6mm x 3.2mm).
  • VERSATILE USE: Use for grilling kebabs, satay, fruit skewers, BBQ, sushi, dessert bites, cocktail garnish, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, caramel apples, and corn on the cob. Use them in the garden as plant marker signposts, to hold up small plants or bonsai, or to stake things down.
  • ANY OCCASION: Use in your home or corporate catering event, holiday party, food truck, restaurant, food manufacturing and distribution, bakery, coffee shop, wedding, graduation, camping, beach, grill party, or patio cookout. Bring them to your next arts-and-crafts session.
  • STURDY & HELPFUL: With the rectangular cut, these skewers provide a durable and sturdy alternative to round skewers, and food won't spin when rotating them. The flat design also gives them a built-in handle to easily flip on the grill. The sharp points make it easy to pierce food.
  • SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO MATERIAL: Made completely from bamboo, these skewers are a renewable and sustainable wood source material. One side of the skewer has the bamboo's green skin, and the other side has a light wood grain. Bamboo can be regrown from the same root system within 3-5 years, compared to the 20-year regrowth of your average tree.
  • CUSTOMIZE: This item can be custom branded with your logo or company name; call for minimums and current lead times.

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