Premium Green Bamboo Knot Knotted Picks

BambooMNSKU: dpkg-100-026

Length: 2.6"
Package Quantity: 100 Pieces
Sale price$6.95


  • SIZES AND QUANTITIES ~ Available in sizes, ranging from 2.6" to 7.1" in length, and in packs of 100 Pieces, 300 Pieces, or 1,000 Pieces.
  • PREMIUM GRADE ~ Made from only high quality bamboo, these picks are selected first in the production run to get the splinter-free kind with tight knots, so your clients, customers, and guests won't be bothered with splinters in their mouth. The knot ends are stiff enough to hold together when picking up an appetizer or cocktail garnish.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SIZE FUNCTION ~ Perfect for any function, regardless of size whether you are catering a corporate event or just using them for a home party Their delicate, elegant appearance brings a sophisticated appearance to any cocktail garnish or appetizer display
  • STYLISH AND PRACTICAL ~ These bamboo picks can be used to dress up burgers, sandwiches, or sliders giving them a more refined look. They are also very practical by helping hold food together. They are also great for garnishing cocktail drinks with mini skewers.
  • SERVING APPETIZERS OR SAMPLES ~ Make it easy! Simply spear a few small pieces of items such as fruit, cheese, vegetables, or meats to create your mini skewer food display. Artfully arrange on a platter to create an elegant appetizer display your guests will appreciate.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ~ These bamboo skewers are completely biodegradable because they are made entirely from bamboo. Feel free to toss them out with your food waste or into your compost.

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