3.5" Decorative Green Bead Bamboo Picks/Skewers

BambooMNSKU: dpbe-100-035-05

Package Quantity: 100pcs
Sale price$5.29


BambooMN 3.5" Decorative Green Bead Bamboo Appetizer and Hors D'oeuvre Skewer Picks

These bamboo bead picks bring style to your cocktails and appetizers. The colored bead on each one of the picks brings out a unique look and will certainly add a nice touch of color to appetizer platters. Perfect for any events or parties such as weddings, bridal showers, theme parties, and birthdays. Use them at buffets, restaurants, catering events, and home settings. The sharp points make it easy for piercing your appetizers, finger foods, cheeses, fruits, sandwiches or garnish drinks. Great as a cupcake topper or dessert decor. Made of bamboo, these skewers are completely biodegradable. Wash and reuse or dispose of them as you desire. They're a great alternative to toothpicks, stronger and better quality than traditional toothpicks.

  • GREEN BEAD BAMBOO PICKS - Measure approx. 3.5" Decorative Green Bead Hors D'oeuvre and Appetizer Skewers. Available in packs of 100pcs, 1,000pcs, or 10,000pcs
  • GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION - Perfect for any event or party such as weddings, bridal showers, theme parties, and anniversaries. Or you can use them for your buffet's, restaurants, catering events, and at home
  • GARNISH AND GO - The sharp points are for easy piercing to serve appetizer platters, finger foods, cheeses, fruits, sandwiches, and more! They also have a stylish, decorative end piece for a great presentation as a cupcake topper
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - They are completely biodegradable because they are made entirely from bamboo. Washable and reusable or disposable as you desire
  • GREAT ALTERNATIVE - These picks also serve as a great alternative to toothpicks. These are stronger and better quality than your traditional toothpicks

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