Flower Print Bamboo Placemats

BambooMNSKU: kpm03-008-07

Style: Autumn Roses - 12" x 17.5"
Package Quantity: 8 Pieces
Sale price$18.75


  • CONTENTS Floral Print Bamboo Slat Placemats with Border - 4 Beautiful designs to choose from to help brighten up your kitchen and keep your table protected
  • DIMENSIONS 12" x 17.5" as each placemat may slightly vary in size due to the manufacturing process
  • COMPOSITION Each placemat is constructed from natural flat slats of bamboo and a cheesecloth fabric backing. Lined with a polypropylene fabric border for extra durability. Made with premium, hand-selected bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable resource, making this an environmentally sound choice
  • FEATURES Our bamboo placemats are lightweight, yet durable. They can be easily cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth. They are also easy to store away when not using. Simply roll up the place mat and store them away for repeated
  • USES Prevent your table from scratches and stains. Great for everyday kitchen tables and much more! Heat-resistant mats - Perfect for those hot dishes and keeping your table damage free

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