Double Ended Bamboo Crochet Hook Set

BambooMNSKU: kncd-015-crb

Color: Carbonized Brown
Sale price$15.99


With a hook on either side, these double ended bamboo crochet hooks make your crocheting journey tangible. The functionality of the dual heads allow for ease of creating two-tone projects. Bamboo is a lightweight material which is also known for being the best on your hands of any type. Both sizes are the same on either end, to maintain consistency in everything you make.

  • CONTENTS 15 hooks
  • DIMENSIONS Sizes in 3mm, 3.25mm (US D/3), 3.5 (US E/4), 3.75mm (US F/5), 4mm (US 6/J), 4.5mm (US 7), 5mm (US H/8), 5.5mm (US I/9), 6mm (US J/10), 7mm, 8mm (US L/11), 9mm (US M/N/13), 10mm (US N/P/15), 12mm (US 17)
  • COMPOSITION 100% bamboo
  • FEATURES Great for when working with two different colors. Yarn safe hooks with a smooth finish that won't snag or cause breakage. These lightweight, ergonomic grip hooks are easy to use and durable
  • USES Create and design your own blankets, scarves, rugs, sweaters, shawls, coasters, granny squares, hats, amigurumi, bags, hanging baskets, and much more

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