Disposable Wood Boat Food Trays - 4 Sizes

BambooMNSKU: wdbt-100-047

Length: 4.3"
Package Quantity: 100 Pieces
Sale price$14.29


These wood boats add a natural beauty to your desserts, tiny appetizers, and other culinary treats. Impress your guests with whatever floats their boat.
  • SIZES:
4.3" x 2.5" x 1" (11cm x 6.3cm x 2.5cm), approximately.
5.25" x 3" x 1" (13.3cm x 7.6cm x 2.5cm), approximately.
6.7" x 3.5" x 1" (17cm x 8.9cm x 2.5cm), approximately.
7.9" x 4" x 1" (20cm x 10.1cm x 2.5cm), approximately.
  • AMOUNTS: They come in packs of 100, 300, or 1,000 pieces. 
  • VERSATILE USE: Hold small desserts, chocolates, tiny appetizers, sushi, or other small culinary treats with the smaller boats. Use the larger boats for regular appetizers, vegetables, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, fries, chicken nuggets, pastries, cheese curds, or charcuterie items. Use any of them to hold fruit, sprinkles, spices, or other food toppings. Take them home and use them in your arts and crafts projects or holiday decorating.
  • ANY OCCASION: Use in your home or corporate catering event, holiday party, food truck, restaurant, food manufacturing and distribution, bakery, coffee shop, wedding, graduation, camping, beach, grill party, or patio cookout.
  • RUSTIC BEAUTY: Made from pine wood, these serving boats have a charming and earthy look and feel that can impress your guests. Bring some elegance to your indoor or outdoor experience or presentation.

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