Jumbo Bamboo Crochet Hooks

BambooMNSKU: knch-001-15

Size: US P/Q (15mm)
Package Quantity: 1 Hook
Sale price$6.85


Work with jumbo yarns easier, or create lacy designs with small yarn, using these crochet hooks. More stitches per inch means more unique patterns. Bamboo is a wonderful composition hook to work with because yarn is less prone to sliding off. It is also all-around more comfortable for your hands to use.
  • CONTENTS Option of 1, 2, or 10 jumbo crochet hooks
  • SIZES Options of US P (15mm), US S (20mm), US U (25mm), US X (30mm), US Y (35mm), and US Z (40mm). The US P (15mm), US S (20mm), US U (25mm) are all 8" (20.32cm) in length, while the US X (30mm), is 8.6" (21.84cm) long, the US Y (35mm) is 9.63" (24.46cm) and the US Z (40mm) is 9.9" (25.15cm) long
  • COMPOSITION Made with all-natural bamboo wood
  • YARN SAFE Won't snag or cause any breakage to the yarn
  • RECOMMENDED YARN SIZE Category 7: jumbo yarns

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