Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Set: 15 Sizes/Length

BambooMNSKU: kncir-015-160-crb

Length: 16"
Color: Carbonized Brown
Sale price$12.88


Two needles are brought together by a cord that holds stitches in place. In order to gain access to the cord, the needles are removable. Knit in a circular fashion or knit flat with these too. Regardless of the size of yarn you are using, having one of our sets will ensure consistency throughout all of your projects.
  • CONTENTS We offer a set of 16" 24" 30" or 40" length circular needles, in either natural or carbonized brown, with 15 needle sizes included
  • NEEDLE SIZES 2mm(US0), 2.25mm(US1), 2.75mm(US2), 3.25mm(US3), 3.5mm(US4), 3.75mm(US5), 4mm(US6), 4.5mm(US7), 5mm(US8), 5.5mm(US9), 6mm(US10), 6.5mm(US10.5), 8mm(US11), 9mm(US13), 10mm(US15)
  • MEASUREMENTS Each set measures from tip to tip. Knitting needles are approximately 3.5" long. Size is laser engraved on the shaft of the needle in metric and US sizing for easy identification
  • COMPOSITION Every pair is made of bamboo needles which are joined with a clear plastic tube
  • YARN SAFE The joint between the plastic and bamboo is carefully shaped and sanded to prevent snags. They feature uniformly shaped points and a smooth finish

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