Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Set: 4 Lengths/Size

BambooMNSKU: kncb-004-00

Size: US 0 (2mm)
Sale price$8.99


Knit any project with your favorite yarn weight! This set of circular needles will help you transform your yarn into any sized project. Circular needles are two double-pointed needles, brought together by a cord, which holds stitches in place. In order to gain access to the cord, the needles are removable. Knit in a circular fashion or knit flat with these too. Regardless of the size of yarn you are using, having one of our sets will ensure consistency through all of your projects.
  • CONTENTS Set of 16" 24" 30" 40" carbonized brown circular bamboo knitting needles. 1 linked pair per length
  • SIZE We offer our sets for needle sizes US 0-US 15 (2mm-10mm)
  • CONSTRUCTION Each circular needle is a pair of 100% bamboo needles joined with a clear plastic tube. The joint between the plastic and bamboo is carefully shaped and sanded to prevent snags. They feature uniformly shaped points and a smooth finish
  • YARN SAFE Won't snag or cause any breakage to the yarn
  • RECOMMENDED YARN SIZE Lace (0) through super bulky (6)

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