Chinese Chess and Go Reversible Game Board

BambooMNSKU: bgsg-001-01

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  • GAMES Featuring a dual-sided reversible board, there are 2 different game options to play. One side is for the game Go and the other Chinese Chess
  • GOBAN Go game board features a standard 19x19 playing field; 361 points of intersection and 324 squares. Comes with 181 black and 180 white single-convex stones
  • XIANGQI Chinese chess game board is a standard 8x8 playing field; 90 points of intersection and 64 squares with a river in the middle. Comes with 16 green and 16 red game pieces in an ornate storage box
  • COMPOSITION The board and the chinese chess pieces with its accompanying box are made out of 100% heavy duty natural bamboo, etched with a laser engraver. The go stones are made from ceramic
  • SIZE The game board measures 18.5" (46.99cm) by 17.5" (44.45cm) with a height of 0.79" (2cm). Chess piece box is 8.85" by 8.85" (22.5cm) by 2.55" (6.5cm)

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