Bamboo Charcoal Odor Absorber Bag in Decorative 4" Cylinder

BambooMNSKU: chrt-002-02-01

Color: Green Box
Package Quantity: 2 Pieces
Sale price$14.30


  • CHARCOAL ODOR ASBORBER CYLINDER Passive activated carbon air filter air fresheners odor absorber purifier bags in decorative cylinder
  • SIZING Each cylinder is approx 4" dia x 4.5" long while each bag is approx 200g
  • COLOR Cylinder comes in green and brown
  • NATURAL DEODORIZER Works great for removing and preventing smells from closets, kitchen, garage, trash areas, bathrooms, pet area, cars, and other places
  • ULTRA STRENGTH The bamboo granules are from moso bamboo which traps odors and smells eliminating unwanted scents and purifying the air
  • REUSABLE These are reusable – simply place them in the sunlight for a few hours a month to renew the odor absorbing abilities

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