Solid Engineered Bamboo Bo Staff - Flat End

BambooMNSKU: mcbs2-001-600-12

Thickness: 1.25"
Length: 60" Long
Package Quantity: 1 Piece
Sale price$44.50


Crafted from sustainable bamboo, these durable poles are hand-straightened, polished, solid, and smooth, making for a striking natural appearance.
Bamboo is naturally a very strong yet lightweight material and would make an excellent addition to your martial arts set. Also excellent for other demonstration purposes such as for SCA historical reenactments. These poles are a beautiful, natural, and polished appearance allows them to fit right in as closet or window rods, as garden accents, or for any project that requires attractive wood!
  • Poles are hand straightened, and selected for close to uniform thickness for the entire length
  • Different size available
    • Available in 60", 66", 72", 93" lengths in our store
    • Available in 1.25" and 1.5" Diameter
  • Other sizes are available with rounded edges as well

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