Blank Bamboo Backscratchers

BambooMNSKU: bbs00-100-01-blank

Style: Backscratchers 18.5"
Package Quantity: 100 Pieces
Sale price$92.95


These backscratchers are cut from mature bamboo and are very strong and sturdy. The handle is a comfortable hand filling and also stiff so the backscratcher won't bend away from your back when you're trying to scratch hard.

Available in 8 different styles:
Backscratcher - 18.5"
Backscratcher Rough Ball - 18.5"
Backscratcher Shoehorn - 18.5"
Backscratcher Smooth Ball - 18.5"
Percussive Bonger 12"
Shoehorn - 18.5"
Narrow Backscratchers - 19.0"
Backscratcher Shoehorn Long - 25.0"
Shoehorn Long - 25.0"

  • Blank Bamboo Backscratchers Massage Tool (variety of selections)
  • Promotional Product
  • Ideal for people who works for PPAI or ASI advertising

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