Bamboo Rolling Pins - Sets

BambooMNSKU: utcp-001-a1

Style: Assortment 1: 1 Thick / 1 Thin
Package Quantity: 1 Set
Sale price$8.75


    • Thick Rounded End: 15.5-inch Long by 1.75-inch Thick, Rounded End Bamboo Rolling Pins
    • Thin Rounded End: 15.5-inch Long by 1.125-inch Thick, Rounded End Bamboo Rolling Pins
    • Flat End: 15.75-inch by 1.125-inch Rolling Pin with one flat end, one round end
    • Mojito Muddler: 15.75-inch by 1.125-inch rolling pin with one jagged, mojito muddler end, and one round end
  • 1 Set = 1 of Each Rolling Pin. 3 Sets = 3 of Each Rolling Pin. 10 Sets = 10 of Each Rolling Pin. 
  • VARIOUS ENDS: Rounded/Flat/Mojito - Get a smooth and consistent texture every time with these rolling pins. Perfect for rolling out the dough for pies, pizza dough, cookies, bread, and much more!
  • PREMIUM BAMBOO: Bamboo is a highly renewable resource and a great choice for an environmentally-conscious kitchen
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Built for durability and long-lasting use. This rolling pin is suitable for everyday use no matter the situation.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Wash with warm water and hand dry. Treat with food-grade mineral oil occasionally to help maintain the look and long use.

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