Mini Pen-Style Portable Safety Scissors

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BambooMNSKU: csmp-001-01

Color: Garden Kitty
Package Quantity: 1 Scissor
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The perfect pocket sized pen scissor for all your on-the-go crafting needs. These safety scissors come in colorful, cute, designs and will fit right in with your pens or markers. Convenient for knitting, crochet, and art. Sharp enough to cut right through yarn, cardboard, ribbon, and more.
  • CONTENTS Comes with up to 3 pen scissors
  • DIMENSIONS Pen scissors are 4.5 inches (11.3 cm) long when closed with 1.3 inch (3.3 cm) blade    
  • COMPOSITION Durable stainless steel and a hard plastic casing make these scissors heavy-duty. Oil regularly to ensure lifetime use    
  • FEATURES The size of these scissors make them extremely convenient while on the go. The lightweight design makes these scissors easy to take with you and store when not in use. Removable cap and folding design make these portable to bring anywhere. Blades are rounded at the end for the safety of the user, great for children    
  • USES Great all-purpose tool for your everyday essential needs. Perfect to use in the school classroom, office, craft room, outdoors, gardening, or at home and in the kitchen. Use for thread, sewing, embroidery, crochet, and first aid

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