Bonsai 8" Concave Cutter and 8" Knob Cutter

BambooMNSKU: btse-001-c

Package Quantity: 1 Set
Sale price$19.88


  • ANY EXPERTISE These traditional looking tools are great for the advanced or starter bonsai enthusiast
  • CONTENTS Set includes 8" Knob Cutter, 8" Concave Cutter
  • COMPOSITION The cutters are hand-forged from high-quality carbon steel
  • USES Knob cutters aid in pruning by hollowing out incisions made by a branch cutter. Its design allows for its users to work it like a chisel in order to gouge out the excess plant matter. Concave cutters aid in pruning by cutting the bonsai branches so close to the trunk that the missing branch is nearly unnoticeable.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS These tools will last a lifetime with proper care. Wipe clean and lightly oil after every use

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