Nail Clippers Set

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Style: Plum Flower
Package Quantity: 1 Set
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  • CONTENTS Comes with 1, 3, or 10 sets and includes large toenail clippers, small nail clippers, and a small file inside a plastic travel carrying case.
  • DIMENSIONS Large clipper is 3.25" (8.25cm), small clipper is 2.25" (5.71cm), nail file is 4.5" (11.43), case is 5.75x3.25x1.5."
  • COMPOSITION High-quality stainless steel nail clippers with a brass lever. The file is also made from stainless steel and has a plastic carrying case.
  • FEATURES Sleek, minimal design is stylish and modern - Even carry them around in your purse for stylish nail care on the go. Coated metals prevents erosion or corrosion over a lifetime - These clippers can take a beating and still look brand-new! Our nail clippers also have textured surface improves grips, a curved blade to match fingernails, and a nail shaping section.
  • USES These nail clippers are great for cutting your fingernails and toenails as they are made from high quality metals. Raised texture on handle to improve grip and comfort - Always get easy, clean cuts that never slip or crack - premium nail trimming care kit for professional precision fingernail and toenail cuts. There is also a nail file section beneath the lever which is perfect for shaping your nails. This set also comes with a nail file to ensure that your nails are filed the way you want them.

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